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My Mac Sucks

iTunes "Skip Count" in smart playlists

iTunes "Skip Count" in smart playlists

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OK, it's pretty neat to be able to see a list of all the songs I've ever hit "Skip" on.

Even better, I can filter the list so it only contains songs that are still checked to actually play ...

But, that doesn't change the fact that (especially with more than one person in the home) eventually, every single track is bound to get skipped at least once. Sometimes, you just aren't in the mood, ya know?

What I'd really like to see is another option that shows the ratio between the number of times skipped, and the number of times played.

That way, say for example when I play a song I recently bought half a dozen times in a short loop (recently purchased) and skip it some of the time to hear another, I don't end up putting songs that I actually like enough to buy straight to the top of what otherwise is more or less supposed to be the "automatic shit-list function".


In other news, I bought "Farewell to Slavianka" from Amazon.com as a 256kb MP3 file because the version I wanted on iTunes was only available in a format crippled by Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). Oh yeah, it was only $0.89 too, instead of $0.99.

iTunes Plus has been around for a long while now guys. If Amazon.com can sell the file unprotected, so can you - the artist and company obviously isn't withholding it from the Internet due to copyright paranoia. Get your shit together Apple, and start getting rid of that copy-protected crap.

I would have paid the extra ten cents to get an unprotected AAC file, they really do sound slightly better... but the idea of a file that will never, ever play anywhere other than on an iPod, iTunes-blessed computer, or $500 cellphone is extremely repulsive to me.
  • i hate hate hate macs!!!!!!! my pc died and i thuoght i'd switch over. this computer is the biggest piece of crap i've ever owned. nothing is compatible and there are zero programs out there and everything i do download is incompatable with this or that and is slow and weird and has no help guide. i am just about ready to shoot myself. i cannot believe i wasted my money on such a terrible computers.

    I don't care if PCS are slow, at least they fucking work.
    • But.. but.. but.. It runs a lot of Linux stuff. All you have to do is just recompile the entire application, then launch it under Apple's version of X11.

      Yeah, I feel your pain. When I bought this mac, it wouldn't even run any of the *Mac* software I had from the last time I owned one, in the 1990s. No shit.

      Ironically, I'm told it will run Windows exactly the same as a real PC, cause of having an Intel CPU, as well as and all the other stuff that goes with Windows if I chose to install it, so I guess I can't say there's no software out there for it.
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