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My Mac Sucks

Safari update shouldn't ever need an OS reboot.

Safari update shouldn't ever need an OS reboot.

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My wife, pokedexquest, was unable to access the Pokémon GTS last night because Safari - a mere web browser - requires the entire computer to be rebooted for a lousy update.

Each time, apparently. Last night, the mac never made it thru the reboot. I have no idea why but when I turned on the screen this morning, it was all grey with a spinner in the middle, same as it would be right when turned on. I thought "oh, shit", turned the mac back off and on again, and everything magically worked.

Why the fuck does a Unix workstation need to be rebooted to update a web browser? That's just fucking stupid. Its every bit as insane as Windows was before Microsoft got XP released.

Of course with the fucking "Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool" being a part of every monthly update you end up rebooting XP anyways unless you unselect it, but thats besides the point.

Apple changed OS support about a month after I purchased this machine, and I wonder.. do they make people with 10.5 reboot this often too? Or are they saving that mistreatment until OSX 10.6 comes out?
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