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My Mac Sucks
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I just bought an Apple Macintosh Mini, in order to have a computer I can use for school that won't easily run any of my favorite distracting programs. It doesn't run any of my Windows games, and it won't run any of my Mac games either! This journal is dedicated to all the of many reasons it sucks!

But why on earth would I drop that kind of cash on a computer that sucked? Well, its pretty simple actually: The Macintosh Mini is a computer I can easily put away when I'm done with it! I won't be too tempted to goof off with it or be distracted by really awesome games while I'm doing homework, and when I'm ready to be done, it will be a pleasure to put it away and switch back to the real computer.

Oh, also, because its small. Really small considering its not too terribly slow, and doesn't use much electricity either.

Is this my first Macintosh? No, but thats a question with a more complicated answer:

Over a dozen years ago, I used to have a Macintosh 2SI. I bought the Mac 2SI used. I loved it dearly. I lost it in a fire, and that really hurt me in the wallet because my used Mac 2SI cost me more than twice what this Macintosh Mini cost, without even taking inflation into account!

Well, I guess you get what you pay for.

I've run into browser bugs like text I have moved or erased still appearing on the screen just in the short time I typed in this little dialog box. Safari really sucks - you won't catch me browsing random websites on this computer with Safari, no sir! Strictly business - and posting about being irritated at the almighty Apple. After all, I've read that Steve Jobs helped Apple have some of its best designs by yelling at and berating Apple programmers, sometimes even to the point of tears. With that core Apple value in mind, this journal can only help, right?